domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Moda mod.

Me encantan los mods.
Me parece la perfecta unión entre música y moda. Una imagen cuidada, la ropa, los peinados, la actitud...
Liam Gallagher fundó, hace un par de años, su propia linea de ropa, Pretty Green, estilo Quadrophenia, aire Brighton, en la que este otoño-invierno Paul Weller firmó su propia línea.

I grew up in a time when music and clothes were intertwined. If you liked a band’s music you liked the way they looked, their haircuts, their attitude and their influences. It was all one and the same. I don’t know if that exists today, but it was a real obsession for me and people of my generation. It went on at least until the end of the Seventies and maybe into the Eighties, but everything comes and goes so quickly now. Bands don’t last any more, but the fashions seem to stick around forever.

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